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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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zaire was almost home, his home about a half away from where i'm standing is where the incident happened. you can see the hurt outside thurgood marshall academy. zaire was loved by many. >> he brightens everybody's day. >> reporter: one of his best friends says zaire was a track captain and was looking forward to college. >> he was a leader. he was the -- the school loved them. ever loved him. nobody can take this day for real. >> reporter: this is where the attack took place a small park right next to a d.c. public works lot. d.c. police chief peter newsham says kelly wall approached by 19-year-old saquan gillis. >> the 16-year-old had a knife. he stabbed the suspect in the robbery. the suspect then produced a firearm and ended
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and killing zaire. >> minding his own business walking home from a college seminar, 12th grade student, excellent student. >> reporter: friends say zaire wanted to go to florida a and m university and had what it took to get there. one friend said she thought zaire's success in the future was going to be great. >> i thought he was going to úbe the next barack. that's my opinion. >> reporter: the family declined to speak. they're quite upseven. neighbors are also upset. they say they have called asking that this area be better lit, to come in and improve the lighting around here, also cut down some of these bushes and they've also asked for more police presence at night but they haven't seen a lot of that and they say that this was bound to happen. they're upset that it happened to a neighbor who had so much promise. live in northeast tonight, matt ackland fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> new tonight two teen boys behind bars after p
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they kidnapped raped and assaulted a teen girl from their high school. >> the victim's younger sister reportedly coordinated that attack via social media. >> fox5's tisha lewis joins us live from frederick with the story. tisha. >> reporter: marina and jim we've just learned moments ago one of the suspects was on the radar for immigration customs and enforcement. ice tells us that they did issue a detainer back in april after one of the suspects in this horrific incident that's detailed in court documents had a run in with police officers for failure to obey and resisting arrest. now, somehow that suspect was able to post bond or get off on this specific charge and now here we are today talking about an incident involving that particular suspect and also another defendant who is accused of raping and torturing and assaulting an 18-year-old girl. as mentioned court records indicate that this was no random attack. now, the victim likely never saw it coming but at
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according to court documents her younger sister, her little sister may have been the mastermind behind it all. she reportedly told the police that the attackers involved are known to be involved in gangs. now, here's who we're talking about 17-year-old edgar chicas hernandez but it's 19-year-old victor gonzalez gutierrez who was on the radar of ice. both are charged with kidnapping rape and assault among other charges. plpolice say on september 1st they ambushed the victim as she was returning home. the suspects used a knife to cut the victim before taking her cell phone and then dragging her into their car. police say they then took her to an unknown apartment and raped her for several hours before returning her home. the third suspect who is still on the run filmed the entire incident. >> we're looking at all possible gang affiliations and ties to see if any of the suspects have or the
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or trans national gangs. >> it's very concerning and we make it the utmost priority. this is not a common occurrence in frederick. it's a very quiet town and we like to keep it that way. however -- and when an incident like this does occur we put all our available resources into solving it. >> reporter: and again, the suspect, victor gonzalez gutierrez ice now issuing a second detainer in just five months for this 19-year-old suspect. this time, he's accused of rape. now, to go on, police say that the third suspect who filmed the entire incident was masked, even more disturbing the victim's younger sister reportedly contacted the victim's boyfriend, we're talking about her sister's boyfriend and offered to let him view this video in exchange for a night of pleasure and that is a quote. the dete
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noted that the forensic exam details are consistent with the injuries described by the victim. tisha lewis, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> for the third time in recent weeks georgetown university reeling from another incident of hate. >> once again a swastika has been tagged ob campus this time in the midst of the jewish holiday rosh hashanah. >> fox5's tom fitzgerald has been talking with students on campus today. he's live there with more. hey, fitz. >> reporter: jim, marina, understand this is not the only time that this has happened. it's not only happened three times in the last couple of weeks, it's happened twice inside this very building and this is where the latest incident took place. this is the loyola xavier rider dormitory known as lxr to the students who go here. there's been no arrest in this incident, this latest discovery of a swastika here on campus but a lot of students tell us t
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talk to, they first learned of this early this morning and they received a campus wide e-mail on their system from the georgetown university president this morning. now, we want to show you this. this was the scene that we came up on early this morning. you can see georgetown university police on the scene here. the liaison unit from the metropolitan d.c. police department were here as well. this is what we know right now. this swastika was found painted onto the stall in a women's bathroom. it's not only that, apparently there was language attached to this, a writing that threatened violence against women. now, again, there's been no arrest in this case but you talk to the students here at georgetown university, the ones in live here at lxr and they'll tell you this, it's virtually impossible they say to get into this building if you are not a student. university officials tell us there is no security footage of this incident taking place because it took place
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bathroom. all the while, students have a lot of questions about how this occurred. >> i feel like there's tons of students on campus after receiving that e-mail who just feel like targeted essentially and my roommate is jewish. you know, i just attended a jewish dinner with his family yesterday its like seriously. >> i would hate to hear that it was someone who is part of the georgetown community but i don't know, it's pretty difficult to get in this building if you're from the outside. >> it's just funny that it would happen here especially rosh hashanah nonetheless, but the georgetown community is standing strong against this. >> reporter: back live now we can tell you emotions are running raw about this. and the georgetown university police and the administration here are asking their community for a couple of things. they're asking them to take a
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antisemitism, take abstand against sexism and take a stand against hate incidents like this one here at georgetown. they're also asking for some help, frankly. they do not have an arrest made at this point. they're asking people if they think they know some information to either reach out to the georgetown university police or to the metropolitan police department in d.c. live at georgetown university tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. >> talk about an unexpected turn of events in the search for survivors after that huge earthquake in mexico. >> after digging for more than 24 hours to find a 12-year-old girl believed to have been stuck in the rubble the desperate search has taken an unexpected return. the surprising announcement from mexican officials next. >> looking at bystanders squeezing through holes to pull young children to freedom. the dramatic rescues coming up. >> and easing highway
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maryland highways and how it will affect your commute. hey, sue. >> hey, marina. looking tlooking for good news n department. got the latest update from the national hurricane center. we'll let you know if the path has changed the track and how about this september weather we're having, right? 88 degrees. feels like an august dog day. we'll let you know if that continues through the weekend. fox5 local news at 5:00 will be right back. >> ♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> cell phone video showing a building collapsing after that major earthquake outside of mexico city. more than 240 people died in the quake on tuesday as thousands of others are still injured. [speaking foreign language] >> and more video shows children being pulled out of the rubble after an elementary school collapse. you can see there bystanders maneuvering through small openings to retrieve the youngsters out of the debris. the bodies of 21 children and four adults have been discovered in the rubble. an unexpected development tonight. mexico's navy says there are no missing children at a collapsed mexico city elementary school where rescuers had been desperately hunting for a young girl. they say, however, there is evidence of a person who may still be alive under the rubble but they believe that to be a schoolworker. rescue crews now using thermal scanners to help find
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victim's exact location. >> thousands of mexicans have been left homeless rubber mats spread across a recreation center in mexico city as families huddle undonated blankets. they're filling up gyms at more than two dozen shelters. 40 buildings in mexico city have collapsed, another 45 are in danger of falling. >> and we're learning a tenth person has died nearly a week after the evacuation of a south florida nursing home. the hollywood facility had no air conditioning following hurricane irma's sweep through florida. more than a hundred patients had to be evacuated. authorities have launched a criminal investigation to figure out what went wrong and who if anyone is to blame. in the meantime the state has suspended the nursing home's license. to the latest on hurricane maria. so far the storm is to blame for 19 deaths across the caribbean. it blue past the dominican republic this morning and is expected to hit turks and caicos as well as part of the bahamas. maria was much
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it slammed into puerto rico yesterday as a category four causing widespread damage and flooding. residents could be without electricity for up to six months. here's now sue palka and sue, do we have any idea right now from the latest advisory if maria has gained strength again? could it be a cat four again. >> we don't think that could happen. it is a category three. we think that maintains that for about 12 more hours of the after that good signs it's going to move into an area where there will be enough wind shear that it may start to gradually decrease. that process would begin sometime in the next 12 to 24 hours or tomorrow. let's take a look at it. it still looks real impressive and the eye is a bit better organized so it is a category three with winds of 120 miles an hour and it's about 95 miles east-southeast of grand turk where tropical storm conditions are beginning and they may get eight to 16-inches of rain out of it. no direct hit for the turks and
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it's close enough to the west side of the hurricane as it's going to be going by that they will be getting hurricane conditions. by the way puerto rico still has trailing rain bands. they could pick up another four to 8-inches of rain and the flash flooding is the big concern as well as the cleanup on puerto rico. unbelievable pictures there. maria continues to move northwest at about 9 miles an hour and, yes, turks and caicos are going to feel it. southeastern bahamas are going to feel it but good signs today, look at the cone guys. looks like this is going to be stay well off the east coast. it still is also a hurricane in five days so next tuesday we're still tracking a category one between the east coast and bermuda. let's check out the spaghetti models as well as the hurricane hunters. they did find wind speeds of 132 miles an hour, that's quite concerning so it's still a very, very strong hurricane no doubt about that. spaghetti models though, most cluster it very nicely
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turkturks and caicos close enouh to get hurricane conditions. one outliar model trying to bring it in toward the outer banks but we think what will happen, there's a big area of high pressure that's going keep maria turning toward the north, maybe close enough, though, to brush the coast with dangerous surf, beach erosion and gusty coastal winds next week but so far so good in terms of not seeing any kind of a landfall and by the way, just wanted to touch on our own weather. mid 80's. we think we hit a high of 88 again today. that is well above average by some 10 degrees. and for the first day of fall tomorrow it begins at 4:02, it will be feeling a whole lot like summer. not ready to leave yet even if the seasons are changing soon. that's the latest from the weather center. we'll have that weekend outlook. it looks summer-like. >> how was your ride today? of metro's 7,000 trains were out of service b t
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back in service tonight. new rail cars under review after a safety concern raised by the transit union. engineers found metro inspection procedures patch up with manufacture guidelines. metro voluntarily halted inspections of its 7000 series trains which in turn resulted in a slower commute this morning for a lot of you out there. >> good news for maryland drivers. today governor larry hogan announced a new plan to ease congestion on three major state highways. the governor's $9 billion traffic relief plan will add four new lanes to i-270, 495 and the baltimore-washington parkway. the plan will also add express toll lanes. the governor's office says this is the largest proposed public-private partnership in north america. >> every day nearly a quarter billion people get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and in some times hours long backups along i-495. by increasing capacity along this vital
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finally bringing the capital beltway in maryland into the 21st century. >> governor hogan will now begin seeking private developers to design, build, finance as well as maintain those new lanes. sexually assaulted at a local day spa. >> now a third victim is coming forward claiming they were violated by a massage parlor employee. the new accusations coming up. >> it's my opinion and it's not going to change. you not going to change it, you, you, you, none of y'all going to change it. >> and that tirade caught on camera. a woman loses it when a vet brings his service dog into a restaurant. next, that woman is telling her side of the story. >> and speaking of dogs in restaurants dining with your dog in the district may soon be a thing of the past. we'll tell you who is behind that crackdown coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> if you're a dog owner in d.c. and love soaking up the end of the summer eating outside at a restaurant, the d.c. department of health is reportedly cracking down on dogs at restaurant outdoor patio areas. this has long been the law here. however it is often not enforced. the restriction applies to places that serve food. breebriannad in. >> there's a video going viral showing a woman lashing out at a veteran for bringing his service dog into a restaurant. >> tonight that woman is telling her side of the story. this is fox's dave kinchen with the story. >> reporter:. >> this is my opinion. and it's not going o change. you not going to change it, you, you, you, i think it's gross. >> reporter: explosive video of a woman going off on a bunch of people in a delaware restaurant and it all involves a
5:23 pm
great dane service dog she says she did notant to eat next to. >> the dog's body is about the same height as the table so basically the butt was sitting in front of me at the table. >> reporter: sierra miller says she went with her family to kathy's crab house in delaware city last week and was unable to eat comfortably with the veteran's service dog right there but she claims a staff member and others immediately went racial. >> six or seven people just yelling out different stuff to me, yeah, well, f you, get out of here, get that (bleep) and just starts making derogatory racial comments. >> reporter: we did not hear any racial epithets in a video viewed more than half a million times but we watched it with her asking what she was thinking the whole time. >> no, actually i don't regret who i was simply because i reacted based on the way they reacted to me. that's what you are. you're approaching me from front of my (bleep). >> reporter: the americans whip disabilities act mandates
5:24 pm
restaurants host customers have service animals and the video shows people defending the veteran identified as retired delaware air national guard master sergeant bill austin. >> he's alive because he fought for our country. >> congratulations. >> reporter: you can also see master sergeant austin trying diffuse things. >> hey, hey. >> what are you going to do. >> i didn't want to see anybody get hurt. i didn't want to see her get hurt. >> reporter: master sergeant austin spoke with fox 29. he says he never heard anyone say anything racial. >> this is not a race issue, it shouldn't be about black or white or any race. what this is about is bad behavior. behavior. >> ♪ >> coming up a local confederate controversy comes to ahead. >> will a confederate flag that flies high above i-95 in stafford county be taken down? we're going to explain why a local resident has the last say in that decision. >> and president trump announces new sanctions against north korea. how they'll impact businesses. >> need a lift? budweiser can help with that. budweiser is teaming up with
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lyft to curb drunk driving. we'll tell you where users will be able to snag free rides. >> ♪ >> but first beyoncé and jay-z set to host a benefit concert in new york city for those affected by hurricanes harvey and irma. the concert set for october 17th at the barclay center in brooklyn. beyoncé is from houston. this will be her return to the stage four months after giving birth to twins. we're back after this. >> ♪ we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son?
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> checking your headlines. baltimore police offering up a $20,000 reward for information n murder of marcus edwards. the morgan state university student was walking off campus when he was fatally established a mile from the school last september much in his memory his friends and family are hosting a
5:29 pm
relief drive in his name. it will be held held in northeast d.c. >> no word on the cause of an early morning townhouse fire in prince william county. the flames broke out in the back of a home along avalon aisle way in gainsville. fire officials say the fire caused about $200,000 in damage. two adults and a child were home at the time but everyone made it out safely of the the red cross is now helping the family find a place to stay. >> three men face charges tonight in connection with a double shooting in annapolis. the suspected gunman named barnabas barricaded himself. he was charged with attempted murder. battle for years, centered around a confederate flag above i-95 in stafford county. >> and it recently came to ahead yet again. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary has the details. >> reporter: we're just
5:30 pm
the fall mouth exit on i-95 in stafford crown and as you drive down the highway you can't help but see the enormous confederate flag flying above. now, it's flown there since 2014 and it's not the first time people have tried to get it to come down. but each time, those efforts fail as the flag is protected by free speech. and in a recent stafford county board of supervisors meeting, the stafford county attorney said that while he shares sympathy and compassion for those who are offended by the flag, his hands are tied. >> and i have recently had occasion to give this board advice once again about their legal standing vis-a-vis the flag and the flag pole and the consequences of what they can and cannot do. and i have concluded w w that ts county has no legal authority to require the removal
5:31 pm
confederate flag from that private property on that flag pole which is 80 feet in height. >> coward. >> reporter: you can hear at the end of that one person shout coward at the attorney during his comments and many delivered passionate comments about their frustrations with the flag flying but just as the freedom of speech protects their rights to make those comments, it also protects the rights to fly this flag on private property. the flag is reportedly flown on the private property of hubert wayne cash. by the group called the virginia flaggers. the group nice flags like this along highways across virginia and reported has no plans to stop. we asked people here in stafford for their reaction to the attorney's judgment that the flag can stay. >> probably shouldn't be there but you can't make somebody take it down if it's legal. >> i just don't think it's right. i mean, especially where we live today and with everything that's going on, sensitivity it should be that way so respect t
5:32 pm
respect the rights of other people and that's not a good way to go about it. >> well, it is freedom of speech. not that i agree with it. it is a symbol of awful thing that happened to the black race and i don't like that. not a lot i can do about it. i can also fly my flag an african flag the same way its a private property. i would like to set it on fire but i can't do that. so that's my reaction. >> reporter: so, what's your reaction on the freedom of speech protecting this flag's right to fly. way in. you know where to find me on facebook and twitter. reporting in stafford county, ronica cleary, fox5 local ne news. >> ♪ >> president trump announced a new executive order today targeting businesses that trade with north korea. there's been concern president trump's strong words about the north korean leader could escalate tensions. u.s. officials have been trying to stress the use of diplomatic options after mr. trump threatened north korea in a speech before the united nations on tuesday. in today's announcement, the president outlined an economic approach to
5:33 pm
>> a new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind. the order enhances the treasury department's authorities to target any individual or entity that conducts significant trade in goods, services or technology with north korea. >> president trump also discussed north korean tensions with south korea's president and japan's prime minister during his four day trip to new york where he met with world leaders. >> meantime attorney general jeff sessions getting a close look at a massive california drug bust after the coast guard seized 50,000 pounds of cocaine and heroin. it's worth $680 million. sessions was on hand when the coast guard announced the drug bust in san diego. coast guard has seized more drugs than last year. sessions describes the u.s. as being committed to winning the ongoing battle against drugs. >> cvs doing its
5:34 pm
of the to combat drug overdoses after the white house declared this week as prescription opioid and heroin epidemic awareness. the pharmacy says it is limiting prescriptions to seven day supplies for new patients. cvs pharmacists also plan to question doctors who prescribe more pills than may actually be necessary. >> budweiser teaming up with the ride hailing app lyft to tackle drunk driving. starting today budweiser providing up to 150,000 trips in d.c. the the deal is good on thursday, friday and saturday night. you have to be 21 years old. they'll do this every thursday at 2 o'clock. budweiser will put a code up on its facebook and instagram pages. the code is good for rides up top $20 and they went quickly today. the fiancée of aaron hernandez is suing the new england patriots and the nfl. >> how she believes his time on the field could have played a role in his death. brody. >> we first introduced you to seven-year-old haley
5:35 pm
when she threw out the first pitch for the baltimore orioles. now she's going to get to toss on baseball's biggest stage. we'll tell you about it coming up. caitlin. >> hey brody. the season of fall begins tomorrow. tomorrow. 4:02 p.m. although it feels nothing like the beginning of fall. temperatures remain 10 to 15 degrees above normal. we've got a hot weekend ahead. i will have a look at that plus how maria could possibly impact our forecast next week. that's can. it may not. we'll take a look. your seven-day forecast coming up after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general.
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shop. the monumental gift shop at mgm national harbor. now through november 7. this is monumental. >> ♪ >> the feians of former nfl player aaron hernandez suing the new england patriots and the league after he and his lawyer claim he killed himself as a result of cte. she says the
5:39 pm
share with hernandez the link between cte and sue side. tests on his brain during autopsy show he had a severe case of the degenerative brain disease. hernandez killed himself in april in a prison where he was serving life for murder. >> a young orioles fan has proved everything is possible. now she's getting the absolute opportunity of a lifetime. >> brody logan joins us live with the story and of course you're live and the story is great. >> what i love about this story it's one of those that shows social media not so bad. >> it's good for some things some times. >> some things. >> good things can come from twitter. you might not believe it. you may remember seven-year-old haley dawson. she has since thrown out the ceremonial pitch for a number of other major league clubs and now she'll get a chance with millions of people watching throwing out the first pitch of game four of the world series. now, haley loves baseball
5:40 pm
a rare birth defect poland syndrome kept her from playing her favorite game. engineers fit her with a robotic hand. she's able to open and close the fingers. haley got the first pitch bug after throwing out the ceremonial toss for the o's and nationals. she decided she wanted to throw out the first pitch at every major league ballpark. through twitter the requests from mlb teams started pouring in from every club. first haley is tour tossing on a bigbigger stage. >> because the crowd was cheering for her and i think she liked that. within the month we were driving in the car and she goes, mom, can i throw out the pitch for the big orioles and a call from major league baseball. the gentleman wanted the executive vice president wanted to hear our story. he goes, and we'd like haley to throw out a first pitch. >> and that first pitch will be at the world series right here on fox5. haley's mom thinks this is all happened for a reason. to raise awareness
5:41 pm
and you can follow along with her journey at haley's underscore hand on twitter. just a great story and i can't wait to see her throw it out here. >> very cool. >> it. >> incredible. >> at the world series. >> let's dream big here. game four, you know her family -- she's a big orioles fan. they can go right down the beltway to nats park. >> you never know. >> that would be good. the you know, she has the hand signed by bryce harper because he's a las vegas native. she said she wanted to throw out the first pitch to bryce. >> i'm sure they can make that happen. >> pressure is on nats. >> so as we talk about baseball i mean this is -- okay we're almost at the end of september. this is baseball weather. this is mid summer baseball weather. mid-july type of weather. it is nice. when you get this type of heat in late september it's without that humidity and so we've had some really nice mild nights and some foggy mornings that have given way to a lot of sunshine in the afternoon but there is n
5:42 pm
about this forecast despite the fact that the season begins tomorrow. live look outside, sun shining on the capitol dome. the days are of course a lot shorter in late september compared to late july so that makes it a little bit more comfortable when you have high temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. that's a beautiful shot right there and we'll rinse and repeat this weather literally for the next seven days. fall begins tomorrow, not going to feel like it. much more like august with sunshine and high temperatures well into the 80's really like i said through wednesday. even thursday of next week. so we stay dry and warm here. still watching both josé, which is stuck and maria but right now as of today, it looks like the tropical effects for us here in the washington area will be minimal. maybe some clouds, possibly some showers. we actually might have a better chance of showers along a cold front next thursday. it just doesn't look like much for us. now, but in can change. we'll continue to watch maria's track very closely and how maria interacts with josé next week. 83 in annapolis.
5:43 pm
dulles. 84 out at martinsburg. what this is any other is football weather now that we're weeks into the season and it doesn't feel like it although i feel like our season began with cool weather. speaking of cool weather, 72 in boston, still under the influence of josé with clouds and showers and winds gusting over 50 miles an hour off of the island of nantucket. though you can see this major heat, just on the left-hand side of your screen, 94 degrees today in chicago. the center part of the country is seeing incredibly high temperatures well above normal, probably 20 degrees above normal for chicago this time of year. all right, here's that spin on our visible satellite of josé. still tropical storm, still stuck out in the atlantic. nothing has come along to kick it out. maybe maria will but those rain bands have been mainly off shore with the exception of cape cod martha's vineyard and nantucket. they have been seeing lousy weather. if maria comes into play they'll get a double dose of it. more ya' bringing rain to parts of the puerto rico. outer bands of the strengthening category th
5:44 pm
hispanola but lashing the northern coast of dominican republic with winds over 100 miles an hour at times. you can see the center of circulation is drifting northwest ward headed towards the turks and caicos islands. it's moving northwest at 9 miles an hour, max sustained winds at 120 miles an hour and maria looks to maintain its major hurricane status for at least probably the next 24 hours or so and it does look to go more north versus west, therefore, staying away from and avoiding a direct impact to the turks and caicos. that being said a lot of the islands will still feel tropical storm hurricane force winds and flooding rain. tuesday midday and it's off the carolina coastline but way off the carolina coastline somewhere in between the u.s. and bermuda. in the meantime, we will still watch josé off towards our north and east trying to spill in some clouds for tomorrow but it will be battling high pressure towards our west. so overall we're going to have a nice day. maybe some
5:45 pm
versus all sunshine but that being said, it will be a nice warm afternoon, temperatures well into the 80's and, yeah, not a normal september 22nd i guess. 69 degrees the overnight low here in washington. it's mild and we are making up for that cool weather we had in late august, early september. high temperatures tomorrow well above normal. this is about 10 degrees -- almost 10 degrees above normal, 85 here in washington. and the weekend itself, this is more like a beach weekend forecast, 87 tomorrow. sunday 88. although i wouldn't advice going to the beaches 'cause there's still a lot of high rip currents as you get out into the delaware, maryland and new jersey beaches. anyways, beautiful, hot and sunny for the weekend. the seven day shows that weather continues and so, into next week if we start to see some effects from what's left of josé or maria, that would probably be in the wednesday time frame but right now it just looks like a few more clouds. that chance of showers on thursday is along a cold front so we'll wait and see what those two tropical systems and we'll have an update on that at 6 o'clock. marina and jim
5:46 pm
>> a third victim comes forward accusing a massage therapist of sexual assault. >> reporter: two women say they were sexually assaulted by a masseur in tenleytown. we'll tell you about that third victim straight ahead. marina. >> is your weight messing with your fertility. what doctors discovered about obese men's sperm count. that's next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> the tenleytown massage therapist accused of sexually assaulting two clients was back in court today. he was ordered held without bond after the judge heard testimony from a detective. >> so far two women have come forward with similar claims against the same massage therapist and now there may be a third victim. fox5's paul wagner joins us live from tenleytown tonight with the story. paul. >> reporter: hey, guys, we
5:50 pm
le this masseur was arrested last sunday after a woman came forward, then a second woman came forward to say the same thing happened to her at this location here in tenleytown back in august. now we're hearing about a woman who claims that she was sexually assaulted by the same masseur at a different location in dupont circle back in june. let's tell you a little bit more about what we know. the first incident was reported on sunday, september 17th. a female client called police after their appointment at the massage envy on wisconsin avenue northwest. she said the therapist inappropriately touched her and performed a sex act without her consent. 24-year-old habtamu gebreslassie was arrested and charged with first degree sexual abuse of a patient or a client. and second degree sexual abuse. after the news got out, another client called police to say gebreslassie tried to do the same thing to her on august 28th. charging document filed in the case says when the assault
5:51 pm
began, the woman yelled. i'll show you a little bit about what she says happened. she yelled out, hey, this is about a massage, according to the charging document. gebreslassie then apologized telling the woman "i've never done this before. i don't know what got into me." now, the masseur is charged with attempted first degree sexual abuse of a patient or client and attempted second degree sexual abuse in that incident and now we're learning about another incident that happened at what we're told by d.c. police and according to a report that's been filed in that case at a place called deluca massage on p street northwest and d.c. police are confirming that the same masseur who was arrested here is the same masseur under investigation for that incident back in june. we're live in tenleytown, paul wagner, fox5 local newsily. >> ♪ >> in our health watch tonight your weight could be
5:52 pm
study found men considered to be obese had lower sperm counts. scientists say the extra weight men carry can disrupt hormone levels. they suggest if you're trying to have a baby focus on losing the extra pounds to help boost your fertility. >> americans still judge a man by his paycheck at least that's according to a national survey that polled 5,000 adults. 71 percent think it's important for the man of the house to financially support his family. only 32 percent said the same about women. this of course comes at a time when more women are breadwinners than before. >> taking longer to grow up that's what researchers from san diego university are saying. so what does this mean? the data shows those born from 1995 until 2012 meaning the generation that grew up with a smartphone had lower participation in social activities. lead author jean twangy said the so-called i jen, is that what we're at all them now is also taking longer to engage in adult responsibilities like driving or working. >> i think
5:53 pm
end of the millennials. >> yeah, okay. >> these stories never get old. a soldier comes home from iraq earlier than expected and surprises his twin sisters at their school. >> the reunion next. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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5:56 pm
>> how about this? travelers spent 7.1 billion with a b on airline fees last year. report by the government accountability office is out that focused on fees for checked bags and changes or cancellations specifically. those fees alone increased nearly a billion dollars from 2010. the jumps attributed to more people who are out there
5:57 pm
flying. two twins at a virginia school got the surprise of a lifetime. >> their older brother soldier was still thousands of miles weigh in iraq until this happened. [laughter] >> twins sister straight a students at hey field secondary school had no idea why they were being called down to the front office. when they got in their brother an american hero christian espinosa was standing right there waiting for them. >> he was actually fighting isis so every morning early in the morning was checking, let me check if i got -- i'm okay, yes, he's okay. oh, yeah, i can hear him. hey, christian, i'm okay. so, i keep telling him one day you'll come back home. we be ready for you. >> can you describe the feeling? [laughter] >> happy. >> surprised. >> oh, my god. >> there you have it.
5:58 pm
>> good to have the whole family back together there. you see right there happening in virginia today and we welcome him home. >> tony and shawn standing by for your news at 6:00. >> hey guys. you get the human emotion right there. they have more and the news starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00 a robbery attempt on a teen in the district. tonight the victim and the suspect are dead. we're live with what happened. plus, police say a 13-year-old girl was the mastermind behind the gang rape of a maryland teenager. tonight the stunning details on who she chose as the victim. plus, the catastrophic damage hurricane maria left behind and the search for survivors. where is the storm headed next? the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> and we begin tonight with a tragic shooting. a teenager defending himself during an armed robbery lost his life.
5:59 pm
16-year-old stabbed the man who attacked him but the attacker then shot and killed the teenager. take a look. this is video of zaire kelly hours before he was killed. he attended a college bound program last night to help him decide where he wanted to continue his education. fox5's matt ackland is live in northeast tonight with the latest on this tragedy. matt. >> reporter: yeah, shawn so very sad. there's also some other video that i put on twitter of him, zaire accepting an award from attorney general carl racine about a year ago, his mom and dad were there, they were so proud of him they cap and heard that. captured that. this is the crime scene. they call this get robbed park because so many people get robbed right here. they say what happened last night is really not a surprise. i want to show you how close zaire was to his family home. just about a half block away. you could see the hurt outside thurgood marshall academy. zaire kelly was loved by many
6:00 pm
him as a scholar, athlete, friend and beloved classmate. >> he brightens everybody day. he's so happy all the time. >> reporter: one of zaire's best friends says zaire was a track captain looking forward to college. >> he was the leader. leader. they let everybody go because everybody loved him. nobody can take this day for real. >> reporter: the attack took part in a small park. d.c. police chief peter newsham says kelly was approached by 19-year-old is a kwan gillis about 8:30. >> in the course of the robbery the 16-year-old tried to defend himself. he happened to have a knife on him. he ended up stabbing the suspect in the robbery. the suspect then produced a firearm and ended up shooting and killing zaire. >> minding his own business walking home from a college seminar. twelfth grade student, excellent student. >> reporter: friends say zaire warr wanted to go to flora a and m


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